by Free Parking!



((I was beside my))

With a knife, in Brooklyn - friends were gone
Cuz who gives a shit about Free Parking! songs?

I'm ready to end it!
And more than just seven beers strong

It was a bender that broke this young man
So I reached out to the nearest young hand
It had an accent - those eyes! -
and it hailed from Deutschland

Can anyone hear me?
Is anyone listening?

Or is it Germany?

So what if our drums are now made by machine?
And what if we're no longer hip to the scene?

We're just three-to-five guys, like a phoenix we'll rise
And cut a CD for you all to despise

Hey buddy? Fuck you.
It's my life and my movies
My songs

And Germany.

"Mais qu'est-ce que tu fais?"
At the end of the day
Hey, I speak more than English now

Cuz I woke in Brooklyn hungover and bleeding and proud.


released November 13, 2016

The first single off the upcoming album WEEKENDS - available December 4th 2016.

Jesse Nebling - guitars, drums, backing vocals
Bogdan Niemoczynski - keyboards
Brendan Steere - lead vocals, bass

lyrics by Brendan Steere
produced and mixed by Jesse Nebling

Mastered at WerleyBird Studios in Effort, PA.

Recorded alternately in Seattle WA, Philadelphia PA, Hollywood CA and at the Edgeless Forest in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Special thanks to our friends in Oblio for that.



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Free Parking! Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

Free Parking! is a five-piece alternative rock band, originally from Pennsylvania - now based in Seattle or LA or wherever.


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