Live by Senior Year (College Tapes prt 2)

by Free Parking!



Covering 2011-2013, b-sides, demos and rarities from Free Parking!'s various members.


released January 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Free Parking! Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

Free Parking! is a five-piece alternative rock band, originally from Pennsylvania - now based in Seattle or LA or wherever.


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Track Name: Own Somebody
I want to be, I want to be somebody
I want lots of boring shit
Like butlers and complimentary gifts

I want to be famous, I want to own somebody
Who asks me for the weekends off
At my mercy, always.

I want someone to touch themselves to me
Like I touch myself to you.

I've already failed I know:
I'm not funny, I'm too old.
Stagnation is death, it's true
Give me something hip and new

What's the point of living if your YouTube channel has dislikes?
I've already failed at life
Justin Bieber takes a wife.
Track Name: Flavor Ice (Cover)
It was a warm summer day, Watching TV with a flavor ice melting in my hand, Watching Endless Summer fifty times or more, With my girlfriend and the band. We walked down the beach to watch the sun come up. Drinking a coke she let out a burp, So I refilled her cup. It's 3am, all I hear is my air conditioning, Getting bored I feel so lame. I'll go piss in her coffee cup again. She said she's coming back, But I know that she's never coming back again.
Track Name: Coffee - Coffee
I woke up this morning, and had myself some coffee.
I went to class today, and had myself some coffee.

When I need a pick-me-up, I say 'Hey' and get me some coffee.
Then I go to the coffee shop, and say
'Hey, Will you put that stuff in my cup, sugar in and stir it up, sweet delicious in my gut.'

It's coffee.
Track Name: Whistle Hook
I don't need a straight kind of lover
I don't need a take on you
Inhale me in your lungs like smoke
Carcinogens and bobby pins
Vaporize metastasize in you

I don't need a harmless endeavor
Scratch me up and set me loose
Clutch you in my fist like smoke
Evanescent limitless
I hate myself when I am done with you

Oh, oh
No need to justify it
We all have bad thoughts, too
Take me in your arms like smoke
Carcinogens and bobby pins
Vaporize metastasize in you

Take me home when I'm subhuman
Touch my face and whistle proof
Kiss me in your parent's tent
Japanese and Arabic
Flow like water, mesmerized by you
Track Name: Summertime
I took a trip down to the shore with all my friends
Spent four hours in a van and listened to The Bends
Your seatbelt was buckled right next to mine
Our hands would brush over the bumps/You smelled like summertime

If it's so, let's go pro
Let's get everyone we know
In a car, we'll go far
We can kiss under the stars
Wherever we want to.

We can wander over to the arcade
I'll never forget your face as we walked through crowded streets

Your sun dress will knock me out.
Your blue jeans will knock me out.
Your two piece will knock... me... OUT.
Your smile will knock me out.
Track Name: My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer
Hey (hey) hey, Miss American Girl
Cover up your eyes and take over the world
No one has to see what you do inside your dreams

Hey (hey) hey, Miss American Kid
No one in the world knows the things that you did
Cover up the bodies in the pit behind your house

I'm stuck up late, I'm reading Matheson again

And if you want me now, then just show it
In that special way you do
And if you love me so, then just hold me close
And I will give my heart and sell my soul to you
And you can do with it whatever you want to

Hey (hey) hey, Miss American Girl
You were not created to survive in this world
Sooner or later you know the police will come

Hey (hey) hey, Miss American Death
I can taste the bodies' decay on your breath
Slither up in darkness and kiss me with your tongue

But no one knows the deaths are all related
She can't help herself when she's frustrated
And it's a cruel, cruel world, I know
I just want her to make it home
Track Name: I'll Replace You, Alfred
This isn't the version of I'll Replace You that we deserve, but it's the one we need right now.