Introducing! The Chirping Castanets!

by Rex Embers and his Castanets

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All songs were originally performed by Free Parking! and can be found on their album Paul.


released May 26, 2011

Featuring the enchanting vocal stylings of
Rex Embers!

Plus, the Castanets:
Jimmy Flinders with his guitar,
Smiley Fontaine at the piano,
Blake Lively on the bass guitar,
and Phrozo on percussion!

Cover photograph of the Castanets by the wonderfully talented Mr. Andrew Wojtkowski.
Please check his work and then hire him:

Lyrics on "My Girlfriend is a Robot" by Steere/Nebling/Niemoczynski/Gilleece/Gunther, "Crrrrak'd" by Steere/Nebling, and "Until the End of Time" by Brendan Steere



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Free Parking! Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

Free Parking! is a five-piece alternative rock band, originally from Pennsylvania - now based in Seattle or LA or wherever.


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Track Name: My Girlfriend is a Robot (40s ver)
When I wake up
I wonder where you'd get your energy
Then one day you showed me your battery

I found you in a trash can
In Japan
One whirr of your drive and I knew I'd be your man
Just help me understand. Why can't you see?

Why? Why why why...?
Why do you feel so cold when I hold you close?
You'll never die...
You'll remain seventeen forever as I go

You know that she can fly
Fights like a samurai
I've seen her soaring through the midnight sky
She's leaving me behind

I wanna hold her arm-cannon
If I can, and
Take her away when she's treated like a weapon
I don't want her to go through that again

Why? Why why why...?
Why does she feel so cold when I hold her close?
She'll never die...
She'll remain seventeen forever as I go

My girlfriend is a robot
I know she'll never get caught by the gestapo
Track Name: Until the End of Time (40s ver)
If you lie next to me
Don't you see we can hear the words that
Were never meant to be
Look up at the sky! Unleash my tie!
I'll stay with you, beautiful, till the end of the night

It doesn't have to end, we can still be friends
I'll hold you to the morning, we can start a trend
You can stay my pal! I'll keep you in line!
We can stay together girl until the end of time

I will marry you
I will stay true
Put the ring on your finger
I'll put it on mine
We can stay forever girl:
Until the end of time

--keep it in line! I think about you every time I shut
My eyes
I love your hair, which is really neat!
I love you from your eyes down to the soles of your feet
When you're alone at night, you should be with me
We can stay together us two can become a 'we'
Put the ring on your finger
I'll put it on mine
We can stay together girl
Until the end of time!
Until the end of... time...

Who you wanna be?
You can be you I will remain me
Meet me tonight, if you've heard my rhyme
Just leave him girl stick with me till the end of time
Maybe one day! Maybe ONE day!
You don't have to believe, you just have to see
That I was meant for you
You were forever meant for me

I will marry you
I will stay true
You put the ring on your finger,
I'll put it on mine
We can stay together girl
Until the end of time

Until the end of time.
Track Name: Crrrrak'd (40s ver)
I got my crack on
I got my Patron
I want to rock tonight

And if you find me
Well there's a line, G
It's going down tonight

Four Lokos in this bitch,
Honey let me see them tits
Cuz I'm just trying to have a good time

East coast represent, I am in my element
And I'm just trying to have a good time

Honeys in the club, I'm not lookin for love
I'm just here to feel you up and cry
It's my destiny that you belong with me
Because I'm on crack tonight

I'm not here to go.
I am not a ghost.
I'm on crack again.

Don't tell your mother or your father
That you're the kinda daughter
That would go into the club with a stranger

A masked man!
Do you believe in life after love?
(Love, trick, love, bitch)

I'm not here to prove anything to you
Except the size of my dick.
I will buy you anything at all.


Catch a ride in a taxi, wit yo ass looking classy
No shirt-no shoes, freaky in the chassis

I am not your friend,
I'll kick your ass out at the bend
Ain't no fighting my addiction because
I'm on crack again.
Track Name: Beth McIntyre
Robert Hawkins has just earned a promotion and is about to fly out to work in Japan. His friends have decided to throw him one more surprise party on the eve of his departure. But Rob's real adventure will begin without any provocation, for before the dawn comes, New York will be the site of Project Designation: Cloverfield.

Beth McIntyre! Beth McIntyre!
Don't you know to me
She's the Mc- entire world?

Hey Rob! Knock 'em dead at your job, you dog!

I'll tell her tonight!
Maybe I'm right and that fateful weekend
Meant more than some fun between friends
I must explain before I'm boarding the plane
I'll tell her tonight!!

So here we go! I guess I got a camera, so
I'm taping messages for Rob, like at a wedding, you know?
I got Antonio and Lily and Marlena and Joe
The night is young, let's see who's at the door!

Beth and Travis?! In my head...
She sets my heart on fire, I aspire to McIntyre

(Alright, Rob, out on the porch, we gotta talk)
Let her go! Take it from me, bro
Beth is totally out of this world
But she's also out of your league, man
There'll be more girls like her in Japan

No, I don't think that's so
I've slept with other girls, Beth was special
It might have been love!

JASON: It was just one night!

It was NOT just one night!
It meant the WORLD to me
I've liked this girl since the beginning of HISTORY
I wanted her to be my wife and bear my PROGENY
Leave me alone! Just let me be...

Beth and Travis, in her bed...
She sets my heart on fire, I aspire to McIntyre
(I hate you, Travis)

BETH: Look, Rob... I guess we're gonna go. Good luck in Japan, alright?

ROB: Yeah, good luck TONIGHT, Travis.

JASON: Whoa, what was that on the roof?

We are getting reports that New York is under attack by a creature of unknown origin. It's ravaging through the city. The military has been dispatched but at this point it's impossible to tell if they're doing any good. If you're in New York: god help you.

ROB: We've gotta get to Beth!

JASON: Are you crazy?!
HUD: We don't even know where she is, man!

ROB: We've gotta find her. I'll save you, Beth.

You set my heart on fire, I aspire to McIntyre
You set my heart on fire

EVERYONE: Get - to - Beth - ALIVE!